“You are braver than you believe”

Every one of us needs that voice of encouragement that propels us forward.  Like Christopher Robin to his beloved Winnie the Pooh; one which says “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  No matter what our place in life is, no matter where we live in this big and beautiful world, no matter what challenges and disabilities we face, no matter whether our home is in Beautiful B.C. Canada or tied up in a crib at an institution hidden away in the countryside…we all deserve that voice.  It may come from a loved one or friend, it may come from a stranger, it may come from inside when there is no one there…but, oh please, may it come.

Yesterday as a family we followed the sounds of a lovely creek, walking up the side of a gorgeous meadow in the beautiful Fraser Valley.  We looked down to the bottom of a creek bed at the rushing stream below.  Rocks and boulders lined the side of the creek bed, making the descent a bit of an adventure.

Cody was with us.  He sat at the top of the meadow on a rock, listening to the creek below.  Then came the voice… “Cody, do you want to climb down the rocks so you can feel the cool stream on your fingertips?  You can do it, I’ll help you…every step of the way.”

In silence and stillness Cody sat on that rock, considering, pondering, for many moments.  What does this mean, he must have wondered? Climbing down rocks?  Are they like the small rocks I sometimes hold in my hand, or are they like this large rock I am sitting on?  Can I do it?

As we all stood waiting for his response, all of a sudden Cody stood up, reaching to the hand held out to him, and followed that voice.

Down he went, rock by rock.  Following directions intently, so focused as he alternated between crouching then sitting on a rock, reaching out with hands and feet to locate the next one, and standing up while holding hands with his guide, only to repeat the process.  Slowly but with concentration and determination, Cody made his way down to the creek.

He stood on the water’s edge, he jumped several times for joy, he smiled in pride and he reached down to feel the rushing cool waters on his fingertips.

The sides of the creek bed may be steep, the rocks likely unstable, the way may be dark…but the water is clear and cool and the voice is strong.  Can you hear it?  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”


On his way down


Enjoying the creek


On his way back up


Almost to the top!


I’m a rock climber!


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