From Human Rights Watch report entitled: *Abandoned by the State: Violence, Neglect and Isolation for Children with Disabilities in Russian Orphanages – 2014:

-30% of Russian children with disabilities live in state run orphanages, even though 95% of them have at least one living parent

-Research and over 200 interviews in 10 different institutions found this type of abuse: “beatings and the use of abusive restraints, pouring cold water over heads as punishment, insults and threats, rejection, ignoring, emotional indifference, physical restraints, sedatives, and psychiatric hospitalization to control and punish, isolation for days up to a month, denial of contact with family members, lack of access to education, play, adequate nutrition and health care for children”

-Water to drink being limited due to 3 diaper change per day limit

-Particular children with challenging disabilities are separated and restrained in “lying down” rooms where they remain in cribs for almost their entire lives

-Children without muscle stimulation or movement or access to rehabilitation services often become atrophied

-Often maltreatment stems from staff who are not trained and/or equipped and insufficient staffing

-Parents continue to give up their children with very little information about their child’s rights and developmental potential or about services in their community that may be available to help them raise them

-Russia lacks in government supported services including inclusive education, accessible rehabilitation and other support which would enable parents to keep and raise them

-Russia lacks federally enforced monitoring of children in institutions to ensure they do not suffer neglect and abuse


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