the boy and his blanket

The boy and his blanket

The boy and his blanket

The boy and his blanket are never to part

(As he was to realize later on in the years, it was never just one blanket…for such a thing of security cannot afford to be lost with no replacement)

The blankets used to be full-sized receiving blankets, with baby elephants and blue cars which held no appeal

It was their soft feel and adaptability which he liked, fitting so snug next to him when he went to sleep at night


As he grew older, the baby blankets were exchanged for strips of checkered navy blue flannel, a more “grown-up” look…

…strips the lengths of which were cut in half the following year – for large blankets aren’t practical for a growing boy busy at school

With busy hands at work and play, soon the blanket found a temporary home in his front pants pocket

A handy spot to keep it, while knowing it was still there within easy grasp  – safe and sound till it was needed once again

And, to be sure, it was definitely needed…even as he grew to be a bigger boy…again and again and again


Needed as that soft absorbent cloth, the kind that cleans his nose so easily…the kind that wipes his tears so perfectly

The pliable napkin that gets rid of that little bit of food he can feel on his cheek, or the juice which dribbled down his chin

Needed as that quick reassurance that although things around him change, his blanket remains

It only takes a quick hand into his front pocket, a quick tug and it’s free to tell him – I’m still here, it’s okay

…many things change, but many stay the same



It is not always easy to keep a hold of, for this blue blanket often is in the way

The boy’s diligence and patience for doing so only serves to prove his grand affection, for there is rarely a time when he lays it down

Not even if it means placing it under his left armpit while he puts deodorant on his right

Not even if it means holding it in his mouth while he grabs his clothing with both hands to dress

To be sure it accompanies him at mealtimes, finding it’s place between his right thigh and the seat of his chair


Parting with it is such sweet sorrow, the daily exchange can be one of intense emotion

For when the dirty one goes in the laundry, the new one is not quite the same…

…for throughout the day, this blanket gathers aromas – aromas which are like treasures to the boy

Aromas of his tears, smells from what he enjoyed at snack time, the accumulated moisture of a day

…gone to be washed are the memories of his hours, the essence of comfort and security


No one will likely understand fully what this blanket means to the boy

One only has to observe him to see its priceless value

The way he smiles at its touch, and places it to his nose as though he were smelling the fragrance of a rose

When he reaches for it and it is not found, the way he calls after it…

How if the search takes too long, there is a panic, a painful cry, a sorrowful longing

Before he walks out the front door to face a new day, the way the boy reaches into his pocket

Is it there? Yes, it is…and it’s going with him

…For the boy and his blanket are never to part







3 thoughts on “the boy and his blanket

  1. marilyn says:

    beautifully written. easily filled with a deep love and understanding that only He would have been able to give. your heart is His heart. it is a testimony of victory and strength.
    there is a book called ‘something from nothing’ written by Phoebe Gilman that you and cody might like. it’s about a loved blanket that changes shape as the years go by.

  2. AnnLee Grimson says:

    Beautifully written.

  3. Anatilde says:

    Yes, the Boy and His Blanket, it is a clear and a beautiful expression of belonging. In my opinion, It has become as a part of his identity.

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