Our secret


Those who really know you, Cody, know our secret.  The secret that lies like a pearl, hidden.  The secret that requires a dive into new waters, a digging into a new way of thinking, a cracking open of ones heart.

Cody, should I share our secret?

The secret that You are the treasure;  that though we care for and teach you, you actually care for and teach us as well.

The secret that your gentle, tender heart acts like a balm of sweet medicine.  Your bursts of radiant smiles and crackling giggles like music to the soul.

That when you pull close, it feels like the warmth of a soothing blanket.  The secret that sitting with you in your quietness feels like entering a serenity garden.

The secret that you are a Teacher.  That you teach us how to embrace life, you show us wholeheartedly that life is in the little moments.  Life is in the simple joys of feeling the wind on our skin, the sun on our face, the cool waters enveloping our bodies on a hot day, the sounds of birds singing and leaves blowing, the smell of the blossoming flowers, the rhythm of a happy song, the taste of good food, the anticipation of dessert, the exhilaration of swinging in the park, the pride of a challenge met and overcome, a hot bath at the end of the day, a walk in the evening air, a cuddle on the couch, a moment shared with a loved one.

The secret that life is in feeling the sorrow and the pain, and letting them flow through you and be cleansed through your cries and tears, and the bottom lip that quivers and shakes.  Life is in the peals of laughter, the teasing games we play with each other.  Life is in this very moment.

I’ve shared our secret, Cody.  I wonder now, when people observe us caring for you or teaching you; can they open their minds, their hearts, their spirits, to see that you are the treasure?  When they see your smiles and hear your squeals or your tears; do they see that you are the teacher?  Can they see that life teachers are sometimes hidden in the deep places, in unexpected places, the places that take an open heart and mind to find?

6 thoughts on “Our secret

  1. Mabel says:

    I love you my sweet Corinne!! And your Teacher Cody!! Blesses!!!

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you Corrine. A beautiful depection of your family.

  3. Sandra Loewen says:

    Such a lovely thought. We can learn so much from our special treasures!!!

  4. Florence Unrau says:

    What a special person Cody is….loving…Happy. .
    God’s creation. And Corunne you are a treasure. I am blessed that you share Cody “secret”

  5. Trudi Nelson says:

    That is so beautiful Corinne…. I think you are Cody’s treasure.

  6. AnnLee Grimson says:

    Beautifully written from a beautiful heart.

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