I met a Mom the other day

I met a Mom the other day

She has a special boy, just like me

Though we’ve never met, I know her


As she gestures with her hands, I know those hands

I know those hands of care, tireless hands which have cleaned and clothed a boy too old to need help

I know those hands of love, gentle hands that have wiped the tears 


I know her shoulders that hang low, fatigued from effort, exhausted from discouragement

I know those eyes, wet from tears that try not to fall


As she tells me her story, I know that spirit

I know that strength and stubbornness, the tenacity that never quits

I know that fire and ice, a spirit that can move mountains


I know those arms she wraps around me in a hug

Strong arms which have lifted a boy too old to be carried

Weary arms which have handled heavy loads


As she talks of her choices, I know her mind

I know the thoughts that toss and turn inside, the questions that never stop

I know the sharpness and clarity, the focus of her mind as it finds an answer


I know those legs that would walk the earth for her boy

I know those knees which have hit the floor when she feels she can go no further


As she speaks of her son, I know her heart

I know it’s bruises and cuts, the pain that it has carried

I know its infinite love, how it beats and swells at the thought of him


As she opens up about some recent good news, I know her joy

I know her sigh as she breathes out relief, letting go of worry

I know her hope as she tells me he’s going to be okay


I met a Mom the other day

Though our stories are different, they are the same

Though we’d never met, I know her


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