How do you get from A to B when you can’t see? Part 1

When Cody was a baby, he never crawled.  We knew it was important for development, so we tried various ways of getting him on his hands and feet in the crawling position (suspending him with a wide blanket across his middle while in crawling position) but he didn’t like it.  Of course, it is understandable why as a blind baby Cody would not crawl.  Crawling occupies his hands meaning he can’t use them to feel in front of him. Crawling leaves his head exposed and vulnerable to obstacles unseen.

He bum scooted though, and quite enjoyed it.

When he started walking at age 2 years and 5 months he walked with his arms and hands extended in front of him.  He was not taught this, it was instinct.  I wish I could find video of it to show you, he was amazing.  I could watch him walk forever, I was so enthralled by him. It took a long time of encouragement (sometimes forcing) before he understood and was motivated to walk.  Once he got it though, he was thrilled!

Another way he loved to get around was on ride-on cars and toys. These were brilliant!  He could sit down and use his feet to feel the ground and propel himself, while also being able to move as fast and bumpily as he could manage over curbs and through depressions and down little hills, all the while knowing that the ride-on toy would hit the obstacle before him – acting as a natural bumper.

This I have video of:




Oh my.  Those were wonderful moments.  Independence in movement, definitely an on-going learning challenge for Cody.  I am so grateful he has the opportunity to learn and grow in this area.

More to come!

P.S. 10 points if you can guess what song Cody’s singing in the second video! 🙂

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