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Today I read a post on Facebook which has struck a chord with not only me, but also the 40,000 plus others who have “liked” it.  It was written by an actor named Kelvin Moon Loh, who, after witnessing an autistic child cry out during a quiet moment of the production was appalled at the heckles and jeers he heard in the audience, those calling for this child to be expelled.  He was compelled to write a post about this experience:

Very passionately, Kelvin expresses his belief that “theater is created for all people”, and “ultimately…to bring people together, not just for entertainment, but to enhance our lives once we walk out the door again”.  He asks, almost imploringly, “When did we…become so concerned with our own experience that we lose compassion for others?”

I also feel anger, sadness, yet also a measure of encouragement from this story.  Among the heckling and the jeering, Kelvin’s is a strong voice of love.

Sometimes, as we go about our days, we face people who may cause discomfort, who may be unfamiliar or unwelcome.  For whatever reason may be, these people may disrupt, may interrupt, they may interfere with what we value as important.  They may seem to be in the way, an impediment to our progress or enjoyment.

But we have a choice, thankfully we always have a choice.  Will our voice, though it may not be heard, be that of a heckler?


Will we reach past our own level of comfort and security?

Will we let go of our concern for our own experience?

Will we realize that we are all players in the theater of life, that on this vast and diverse stage we all have our own roles to fill, that we are all wonderfully and beautifully different?

Like Kelvin, will we choose the voice of love?




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