And I left my tears there

Some days the tears come, and you let them spill, and you hope for renewed strength and grace…today was one of those days, and I was lucky to have friends with me.

Today a sheep witnessed my tears

It stopped its grazing and raised its head

its ears perked up and its eyes found mine

We stood still


Today the sky witnessed my tears

Its winds surrounding me

Its rain falling round me

Its waters merged with mine


Today a mare witnessed my tears

White coat like an angel

Big eyes soft and inquiring

Beautiful figure of strength and grace


Today a tree witnessed my tears

Strong trunk rising before me

Long branches as a canopy

Dying leaves falling beside me


Today nature witnessed my tears

Peaceful in its constant motion

Quiet in its deafening roar

Today nature witnessed my tears…

And I left my tears there

One thought on “And I left my tears there

  1. Judy Bergen says:

    My grief is different than yours…but I my heart aches for you….I too have left my mark of tears in various places… are a very strong woman….you are in my prayers…

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